Friday, 30 November 2012

Paperbag Mini Album

I found a awesome lady on youtupe to make a mini.
I follow her tutorial from start to finish.
you can do this to on her blog
this is one of my paperbag albums, I had so much fun to make it.
my frond cover,
I thought the paper and lace with the pearl is pretty enough,
it dosn't need more decoration
frond cover inside: just a pocket with 2 tag and nen envelope.
 I fussy cute the butterfly with the flower
first page: it is a flip open pocket, you cane see this on the next pohto.

secound page: pocket with tag, fussy cuting of the flower.
the butterfly is from fabric what I embosseed with utee
third page: two pocket's with a pocket
the flower are handmade

fourth page: flip up page, on the next pohto you can see it open.
I have sum tag and nen envelop inside

fifth page: frame pocket with tag inside

page sixth: flip up
more tag and  one more opening

pocket's for photos

page seventh: photo map with pocket behind

page eighth: two pocket's with tag

page ninth: just a pocket with tag
page tenth : I use a little paperback for a pocket, you can stick tag's behind
and you have a flip up with one more pocket.
you can see this on the next photo 

page eleventh: it is a slid out card with tags behind

here you can see how it works, I found this also on the internet.

page twelfth: I made a pohoto map that flip open to both side,
you can see that on the next two pohotos

back cover insid: this is a shopping organizer what I found on

this is my book, I hope you like it.


  1. Very pretty! You did an awesome job... Suzy-Q

  2. Liebe Kerstin,
    du bist ja wahnsinnig! Wie lange sitzt du denn bitte an so einem Kunstwerk!?!?!
    Auf meinem Blog ist es ja schon sehr still im Moment (ich arbeite aushilfsweise wieder...) aber bei dir ist es ja noch stiller! Alles OK bei meiner Namensvetterin vom anderen Kontinent?!?! Ich hoffe es geht dir gut!