Sunday, 1 July 2012

Toturial on my Rose

Hi Ladys, next morning I will show you my rose toturial.
But first, this is my lovely driver and hubby.

This is what you will need

Spray bottle with some water
Embossing Tool with two different ball ends
foam mat
some ink

you need three different sizes of flowers
I cut the flowers from my cricut in 2 1/4" , 1 3/4" , 1 1/4".
Then with scissors cut further in between the petals.

I start to ink the middle of all the flowers with wild honey, the ink goes lighter to the outside.

I inked the outside of the petals with frayed burlap.

all the edges I ink with walnut stain.

now we start with the fun part and play with water.
 I sprayed lightly twice or three times with water and rub over with my fingers.

now I start pressing on the petals, not rolling,

when I have done my flowers then I like to use my Embossing Heat Tool.
bacause it drys faster and the petals comes up more.

when you have all the flowers done then it looks like this

I take my tweezer and roll my petals on the top, just a bit, but only the big and the medium size.

after rolling all the petals, it looks like this and we can start glueing it together now.

I use my embossing tool to press my medium flower to the big flower.

take the smallest petal and squeeze it together and put glue around it.
now take the next smaller petal and squeeze it around the small petal.
put glue around it and take the smallest petale and squeeze it together.
There is three petals

Take the small petals that you just finished and put in the middle of the three medium petals.

This is your finshed rose.
Is it not pretty???
Good luck


  1. wow deine erklaerung ist super auch wenn du ein paar fehler hast gefaellt mir sehr , mal was ganz anderes habe das gleiche gemacht aber eine ander blume so was wie ne nelke kam bei mir raus werde es dir schicken per email. hugs margrit

  2. Danke für das Teilen deiner Tutorial! Es ist sehr lehrreich!

    P.S. I love the photo of your hubby!!!!

  3. Gorgeous rose. Awesome tutorial.

  4. I love your tutorial.Beautiful Rose!!